Surron Ultra Bee Onroad

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sIntroducing the Surron Ultra Bee Onroad electric bike! It’s a game-changing innovation and a remarkable feat in the world of electric on-road biking. Leveraging the wisdom gained through the creation of the existing Bee series, the Surron Ultra Bee Onroad redefines the electric biking.

The 2023 Ultra Bee Onroad is the exciting new electric bike from Surron! Finally, it is available at SURRON.NZ, ready for immediate enjoyment! Don’t wait to experience the thrill, head to one of our showrooms for a test ride today.

The onroad modification includes:

  • Licence plate holder
  • Turn signal
  • Tail Light
  • Reflector
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Introducing the Surron Ultra Bee Onroad E-Dirt Bike

The brand new Surron Ultra Bee Onroad electric bike is a pioneering breakthrough. It’s a significant achievement in the realm of electric on-road biking. Building upon the insights gleaned from the evolution of the existing Bee series and years of road racing know-how, the Surron Ultra Bee transforms the electric on-road escapade.

Surron, a premier manufacturer of electric bikes, has been stirring up the on-road sector for years. As a result, they’ve earned a reputation for their top-tier and performance-oriented electric bikes, delivering both a riveting and environmentally friendly riding experience.


The Surron Ultra Bee Onroad: What’s New?

This fresh model serves the desires of on-road users who yearn for potency, excellence, and adaptability. Capitalizing on the successes of its predecessors, the Ultra Bee catapults electric performance to unparalleled levels. The heart of this mid-sized powerhouse lies in Surron’s pioneering powertrain system. 

The expertly designed structure showcases accurate lightweight handling, smooth power delivery, and integrates Surron’s sophisticated traction control system (SRTC) to aid you in conquering all types of roads.

The Power and Performance

The sophisticated, race-inspired braking system enhances stopping power on the trails, while the distinctive TR rear suspension and innovative front suspension will motivate you to accelerate, leap further, and ride with assurance.

Embodying the design concept of “Balancing on the Cutting Edge,” the Surron Ultra Bee pairs an aluminum alloy forged frame with Surron’s 4th-generation powertrain, achieving a weight of 88 kg and well-balanced distribution.

The Ultra Bee’s revolutionary 4,070Wh battery pack offers exceptional power density and battery longevity while maintaining a reduced battery discharge temperature rate. This novel design enhances reliability and continuous discharge capacity. A remarkable power density of 200 Wh/kg has enabled the total weight of 45 lbs (20.5 kg).

Additionally, a concealed compartment beneath the seat is specifically designed for the Ultra Bee’s charger. Now, you can effortlessly transport your charger on your bike, allowing you to stop and recharge wherever an outlet is available.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art suspension system featuring 9.4 inches (240 mm) of travel at both the front and rear, the Ultra Bee provides an extensive range of adjustability for diverse conditions. The new forged aluminum frame’s dark green appearance further distinguishes the Ultra Bee from its competitors.

The Surron Ultra Bee Onroad modification additionally features:

  • Licence plate holder
  • Turn signal
  • Tail Light
  • Reflector

Key Features

Surron ultra bee onroad


Surron ultra bee onroad


Surron ultra bee onroad


0-50 KM/H IN 2.3 SEC






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